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About Me


I grew up in Merritt Island, FL. My mother is an artist and I was always stealing her camera and capturing photos of frogs and colorful bugs. When I was eight-years-old my parents gave me my first camera. And so from a very young age I learned about color, composition and leading lines. I would actually pay my sisters (because they wouldn’t do it for free) to sit for me so I could test different light. I learned how to photograph subjects in a way that was natural and didn’t look forced.

I try not to draw my inspiration from other wedding photos. Rather I pore over the pages of Vogue, GQ and Maxim. My favorite part about wedding photography is how many different types of photography that you get to shoot in one day. Portraits, landscapes, still-life, documentary.

I think documenting life is so important.

And documenting weddings is maybe the most important.

I capture weddings in a way that I would want someone else to capture my own. I am detail obsessed. I anticipate¬†when emotional moments are coming. It’s all about the moments.

I’d be delighted to sit down and hear about that details of your wedding. Every wedding is different and the amount of images to be captured makes us creatives go wild. Take a look around the site and send me a little note. I can’t wait to hear from you!