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About Me

Where did you grow up? Merritt Island, FL – It’s a total swamp! Gators crossed our lawn on more than one occasion.

How long have you lived in Denver? 6 years this May! I moved here because of a broken heart. Don’t worry, I met someone else. 🙂

Things that make you smile? Kitties, french bulldogs, iced coffee, the first spring morning after a long, cold winter, tequila, packing my bags for a trip!

Places you have traveled? Peru, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, England, Kenya, Tanzania, Portugal, Mexico, Iceland. Next—Norway, this July! 

Favorite TV shows: Stranger Things, The Bachelor, This is Us, Forensic Files, Planet Earth

Pet peeves: Slow walkers! My mom could have been an Olympic speed walker. And yes, that’s a real thing! I just can’t with the slow walkers! Life is too short!

How long have you loved photography? My mom gave me a camera for my 8th birthday. She’s an artist and taught me everything I know. I started on film. I went to college for journalism because I was told over and over again that I couldn’t make a living being a professional photographer. Oh how wrong they were!

What keeps you loving your job? I love that I get to document the most important day of your life! I love capturing laughter, tears, expressions. The moments that you will come back to over and over again and are going to be so happy that you have a visual memory of it! I take my job very seriously in that way. I tear up at just about every wedding. Photography was never something I did half heartedly. I’m completely obsessed with wedding photography.