December 20, 2015

Even though I’m a Denver Wedding Photographer I love doing Head Shots in the wintertime when I have a little more free time. I met Agata when we traveled together on our bikes from Jacksonville to San Francisco with Bike and Build. Bike and Build is an organization that raises money and awareness to affordable housing. So, we rode our bikes during the week and built houses on the weekend. It’s the only time in my life I’ve even been so tired that I could sleep standing up. 🙂

Agata is the most adventurous soul that I know. In the winter she teaches people to ski and in the summer she travels with families to Europe and leads them on bike trips. Because why wouldn’t you follow those baby blues anywhere in the world!?

I hope you enjoy these head shots as much as I enjoyed creating them. What a perfect snowy spot, though?! This is off the side of the highway in Golden, CO. As a Denver Wedding Photographer, I really enjoy these quite, beautiful snowy days with friends just as much as the hectic summers.


denver wedding photographerdenver wedding photographer_0001denver wedding photographer_0002denver wedding photographer_0003

This spunkiest nut around.

denver wedding photographer_0005

The photo below might be my favorite.

denver wedding photographer

My new Sigma 50mm does not disappoint!

denver wedding photographer_0018

denver wedding photographer_0004denver wedding photographer_0006denver wedding photographer_0009denver wedding photographerdenver wedding photographerdenver wedding photographer_0011

Oooooh I LOVE this shot!

denver wedding photographerdenver wedding photographer_0012denver wedding photographer_0016

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