Bozeman Wedding Photography – Matt + Ashley

June 9, 2016

There’s nothing better than Bozeman wedding photography other than this was my cousin Matt’s wedding! I didn’t know what to expect driving to Bozeman from Denver. The drive was incredibly boring but once I got to bozeman I was blown away! What a cute little town tucked away in the mountains. A million coffee shops and breweries. I need to go back and explore! Not to mention Yellow Stone!

And look at his beautiful bride, Ashley. They are one perfect, very adventurous pair. These two met at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. My cousin Matt grew up in Connecticut fishing and hiking. He has always been off the grid. Never had a phone. I remember I picked him up from the airport in Denver and I circled around maybe 7 times before he used a strangers phone to call me. LOL Ashley’s in for a real treat with you, Matt! Haha Welcome to the family and we’re so glad you’re a HOUSER now too!




bozeman wedding photography bozeman wedding photography bozeman wedding_0003

Tiny little Ashley. So cute!

bozeman wedding_0004

bozeman wedding photography bozeman wedding_0006bozeman wedding_0007bozeman wedding_0008bozeman wedding_0009bozeman wedding_0010bozeman wedding_0011bozeman wedding_0012bozeman wedding_0013

Floral robe. Yes, yes, more yes!

bozeman wedding_0014

This was so precious.

bozeman wedding_0015bozeman wedding_0016

Okay, THIS.

bozeman wedding_0017

See how we were level with the clouds? Even though I live in the mile high city, Bozeman was so high up I got dizzy and had to squat down for a minute. LOL

bozeman wedding photography

You’re eyes do not deceive you–Ashley has two different colored eyes. Beautiful!

bozeman wedding_0019

This is my favorite portrait and I can’t decide if I like color of B & W better…

bozeman wedding photography bozeman wedding_0021bozeman wedding_0022bozeman wedding_0023

“Aunt Dona, you can come in!” I said. “No,” she said. “I’ll cry.”

bozeman wedding_0024bozeman wedding_0025

The serious face took some effort.

bozeman wedding_0026bozeman wedding_0027bozeman wedding_0028


bozeman wedding_0029bozeman wedding_0030bozeman wedding_0031

I know you can’t see it because of the blog quality but Ashley’s dad is crying. So sweet. 🙂

bozeman wedding_0032bozeman wedding_0033bozeman wedding_0034

They burst through the doors as husband and wife and Matt kissed her. A real, genuine moment. I don’t think they even knew I followed them.

bozeman wedding_0035

That Jade is so precious. She was so happy for Ashley as they signed their legal documents. 🙂

bozeman wedding_0036bozeman wedding_0037bozeman wedding_0038bozeman wedding_0039

Yaaaaas girl!

bozeman wedding_0040bozeman wedding_0041bozeman wedding_0044

And off they go to explore the world together. <3

bozeman wedding_0042bozeman wedding_0043

Kelsey BOoth

Oh my gosssh! These are amazing. What a perfect location. I love love love mountain weddings. Sign me up to second shoot with you next time. 😉

Amanda Tipton

Beautiful! I love love love the flowers in her hair!

One of my favorites is her brushing her teeth! Must have a clean mouth for that first kiss!!! Beautiful wedding.

Thank you so much for these absolutely gorgeous photos! We were so disappointed to miss their wedding and these are perfect. (I may or may not have cried looking through them…) lol From one of Matt’s cousins to the other-thank you! And amazing work, too!

Jenn oh my gosh thank you! I wish you could have been there too. 🙂

Gorgeous images! They look like such a fun couple and had such a fun day. Nice work capturing all the little moments throughout the day.

These are great captures! absolutely love her dress!!

Her wedding dress is perfection! What a gorgeous wedding day!

Love. Just love everything about this wedding and the story you so carefully curated. Beautiful work Jill.

How special to capture your cousins big day. I love your style and your freelensing is spot on. Such great images for this great day.

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