Colorado Mountain Cabin Wedding – Megan + Sam

September 8, 2016

A Colorado Mountain Cabin Wedding is right up my ally. This wedding could not have been more beautiful! This was a two day event but I’m just going to show the first day because there are already too many images here. Haha! Day two was at Avogadros in downtown Fort Collins and was just as beautiful!

Megan and Sam live in North Carolina with their cat Jeff. They were wed an hour outside of Fort Collins, Colorado at a family cabin. The cabin had aspen groves, mountain views for days, and just wait until you get to the end so you can see Megan on the back of a four-wheeler in her wedding dress!

Megan told me how much Sam doesn’t like photos. When I looked at the back of my camera I said, “Sam, these look great! You’re doing so well!” To which he replied, “I never said I didn’t look good in pictures.” LOL 🙂

This was the most welcoming, kind bunch of people. The whole group couldn’t stop laughing and crying. I was SO happy to be a part of this and capture all of these beautiful memories for this gorgeous couple.




Could these two be more cute? I think not.



Alright, now rewind to getting ready.


Get ready to cry. First look with dad.



Look at these details, thoughcolorado-mountain-cabin-weddingcolorado-mountain-cabin-wedding_0021colorado-mountain-cabin-wedding_0022

I guess they wanted everyones hearts to explode so they put these wiggly babies in a wagon. <3



Sam’s sisters cried through the whole ceremony. So precious.



Haha, Coutney!



Working this with you was an absolute dream – these are SO amazing!!! and omg the sunset at the end… you’re a goddess. So in love.

These are gorgeous! I love how you mixed so many sweet genuine moments in with their details of the day. The overall colors and tones of the photos are stunning. I love your work!

Jill I just love your work. So gorgeous.

Such pretty images! I love the ones with aspens and the butterfly! I totally lol’ed at the babies in a wagon, just perfect!

Swoon! I mean…breathtaking!!!! This is beyond amazing! Your details…the movement…the moments ….Love it!

Her dress was stunning! I love the color tones you used in these, it’s so dreamy and perfect for a mountain wedding!

Dude these Are killer!!! I love her dress and this wedding. Beautiful.

Um… breathtaking!!! The dress, those trees, and your style are perfection!!!

Wow, this is just so pretty!! The butterfly! <3

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