Irena + Cuckoo

March 29, 2016

For Colorado Wedding Photographers, wedding season is almost is full swing. I still have some down time and couldn’t wait to create something new and opposite of what I normally do.

Irina works with animals at a vet clinic and also cares for Cuckoo, her rescue African Grey parrot. I’ve always admired her love for animals because I’m such an animal lover myself. African Grey’s really are an amazing rescue because many people don’t realize how long they live (50 to 80 years) and how much attention they need. My phone rang while I was over at Irina’s shooting and Cuckoo said, “Hello? Helloooo?” Haha

I started with the color theme here which was the beautiful grey bird. Irena’s hair and bangs are always on point. Jenn from Mac at Nordstrom did a wonderful job with the makeup. I could not decide on a lip color so you’re going to see it keep changing. I still don’t know which color…

Anyway, as soon as spring is here I’ll be shooting outside again. I’m thinking flower crowns, golden hour, suculents. There’s just a week or two here where the mountains are lush and green before the desert air gets to them. But with snow still coming down it was really fun getting out my lighting kit and shooting with a simple backdrop. Cuckoo really loved all the lights and attention and only got mad when I had to pack up my gear.

Thank you to my beautiful models Irina and Cuckoo. This shoot was so fun. I just love when I finally get to play! Enjoy.

coloradospringsweddingphotography_0060 coloradospringsweddingphotography_0061

And here’s Cuckoo. He’s so charming.


Could the eye showdown be any more perfect??


So many lip colors I love…

colorado wedding photographers

Black and white makes color decisions easier.

coloradospringsweddingphotography_0065colorado wedding photographerscoloradospringsweddingphotography_0067

Hands are hard to shoot. Irena did a fantastic job.

colorado wedding photographers


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