Denver Boudoir Photographer – Akilah’s session

June 23, 2024

denver boudoir photographer

I’m a Denver boudoir photographer and my studio is located in Denver, 10 minutes from Cherry Creek. The gorgeous women I photograph often marvel at my unique studio space and I’m absolutely thrilled that they love it as much as I do!

denver boudoir photographer, denver boudoir, boudoir denverOne of the most unique things about my studio is the antique door. The door originated from 1800’s India and when I found it I knew I had to have it for my Denver boudoir studio. As a Denver boudoir photographer I’m naturally drawn to beautiful things and antique doors have been one thing I love most about traveling the world. I had to bring a little piece of that to my boudoir studio.

denver boudoir photographer

The beautiful woman in these photos (shoutout to Akilah!) is actually the one who helped me with interior design. She helped find this yellow/gold couch from Article that so beautifully brought out the brass elements of the door. This part of my boudoir studio transports you to another world! boudoir denver

As a Denver boudoir photographer, another thing I really appreciate is natural lighting! Not only does my boudoir studio have huge windows and plenty of natural lighting, but there’s also the outdoor patio I have right outside the studio!

denver boudoir, erotic photography

We can capture outdoor photos on the porch almost all year round, but springtime in particular is the best time to capture outdoor photos in Denver. May & June are when we get the most vibrant green colors! The plants are just thriving. Any Coloradan will tell you that the other months are mostly brown. My advice is to book your session in May or June if you want your outdoor photos to pop!

denver boudoir photographer

There’s nothing quite like sitting out there in your lingerie with a nice breeze.

denver boudoir photographer, boudoir denver

And let’s not forget shooting through the windows into the studio! These are some of my favorite photos ever.

denver boudoir, denver lingerie

Then there’s the boho bed with white linens. The photos from this part of my studio always have a dreamy look to them. The white linens just reflect so beautifully for skin tones.

denver boudoir photographer

I love how her tattoo matches her facial expression in this photo.

denver boudoir photographer

And last but not least, as a Denver boudoir photographer I had to also include a plain backdrop. Photography backdrops are so simple, they allow the entire focus of the photo to be on the subject. So perfect for boudoir!denver boudoirboudoir denver, erotic photography, nude photographer

Book your session with me today! Email me directly at or fill out the inquiry form on my website. Can’t wait to chat with you soon!

Chris Sandberg

Wow these photos are gorgeous! I’ve been searching for a Denver boudoir photographer and I’m so glad I saw this. Can’t wait to chat with you soon.

Yay! I’m so glad you found me too! I can’t wait to chat with you soon about your boudoir session!

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