1. What's your style?

Warm, radiant, modern. Each photo is carefully edited with exceptional attention to detail. The magic I create in post production will give you those soft, creamy skin tones and sparkling eyes.

You're going to look like you--but the version of you that just stepped out of a magazine!

2. Do you shoot film?

I grew up with film cameras, but these days I shoot digital! The way I edit does have I bit of that nostalgic film look to it.

3. Do you have backup equipment?

Yes! Not only do I have backup cameras and lenses, but my cameras have dual memory slots which means they're backing up your images in real time.

4. Do you have business insurance?


5. Do you edit light and airy or dark and moody?

My editing style leans more on the lighter side but it doesn't actually fit into either of those boxes. It's important to note that my editing style is consistent for ALL weddings. However, a log cabin venue on a rainy day is going to look darker in photos than a white tent on a sunny day.

6. Can you edit our photos with a different style?

No, sorry. I think it's really important that you find a photographer who has the style you're looking for!

7. What's the turn-around time for photos?

You can except to see your engagement session photos in 30 days and your wedding photos within 90 days.

8. Do you give sneak peeks?

For weddings, yes! You can expect to see a few sneak peek images within 1 - 2 weeks.

9. Do you shoot with a second photographer?

I mostly shoot solo. I'm confident that I'll capture your day flawlessly. All the big moments from all different angles. You'll even find moments in your gallery that you didn't even know happened at your wedding!

For the weddings that want two photographers, I do have an option for that as well.

jill houser photography, jill houser, nashville photographer

10. Do we need two photographers?

If you plan on having 180+ guests, potentially yes. Less than that and it's not necessary due to the fast, efficient way I shoot. But whether your wedding is big or small, if it's in the budget and it's important to you, go for it!

The biggest benefit of having a two photographers is that you'll get more photos of guests.

11. How many photos will we get back?

That depends on how long your wedding is and if I'll be shooting the whole time or if there is any down time (for example driving from the ceremony to the reception). I can't give an exact number, but I promise not to keep any images to myself! If it looks great, it will be in your gallery.

12. Do you travel for weddings or sessions?

Yes, and I really enjoy it! I travel for a handful of weddings and engagement sessions each year. New venues and new locations keep things fresh and exciting for me.

13. When should we book you?

Most couples book me 12 - 15 months before their wedding! It's a good idea to inquire as soon as you sign the contract with your venue. (Some couples even pick their date based on my availability.) Weekends between May and October usually get scooped up first!

14. My partner is very camera shy. Will you show us what to do?

Absolutely! That's what I do best! I don't expect you to pose yourself at all. You can just relax and I'll guide you the whole way and give you fun prompts to help bring out your personalities. I'll get all the best angles and make sure you and your partner look your best!

jill houser photography, denver photographer

15. Can we bring our dog to our engagement session?

Heck yes you can! We'll shoot with your dog for the first 20 min. or so, and then the rest of the time will just be you two. I suggest bringing a friend who can either take your dog home after, or stand by with them so that you're free to focus on each other for the remainder of your session. You'll want to bring treats, a nice leash, and a lint roller.

16. Will we have printing rights?

Yes, you'll have printing rights to your images. You can print them through me or anywhere else.

17. Do you offer video?

I don't offer video, but I do have a list of videographers I love working with.

18. How do we book you?

A 50% retainer and signed agreement will make me officially your photographer. Let's chat soon!

We Chose our Wedding Date Based on Jill's Availability

-Daniel G

"We saw Jill’s work before we even picked a venue. Her work really stood out and we decided to contact her. Instantly when we met Jill, we knew that she was the perfect photographer for us. The way she guided us through the process was very helpful and calming. Not only is she very talented, but also extremely professional. She had so much material prepared for us to guide us through not just the photographing of the wedding, but the wedding itself. Such amazing attention to detail. We ended up booking our wedding location based around her availability, that is how important to us it was that she was our wedding photographer. Our first shoot with her was an engagement shoot. She knew exactly how to pose us and get us to loosen up, which is not the easiest of tasks, but also without anything feeling staged or unnatural. Our wedding day was absolutely magical, and Jill perfectly captured the atmosphere of the event. Looking through the pictures we are just so happy with all of them. Jill captured such amazingly candid moments that really made the night special. She set the bar for what everyone who ever looks at our photos will forever expect out of a wedding photographer. We cannot recommend her enough. We will have these photos for the rest of her lives, and she will forever be our first choice photographer for any future photo sessions."

She Made My Camera Shy Husband Feel Comfortable & Confident

-Melissa W

"There are not enough words to describe how amazing Jill was on our wedding day as well as months leading up to our special day. Being a destination wedding for us, I thought it would be difficult to find vendors. When I came across Jill’s Instagram page, I KNEW I needed her to be our photographer. Not only did we hire her as our wedding photographer, but we also traveled to Colorado for our engagement session. That was one of the BEST decisions we made during the planning process. My (now husband) is extremely camera shy, hates being photographed, and is convinced he never looks good in pictures. Jill did such a phenomenal job making him feel comfortable and confident during our engagement session. He was SO happy with our photos, which is rare for him. She told us exactly how to pose and made it look so natural. It was an extremely windy day, my hair was an absolute mess! I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be happy with those photos, but they were actually my favorite ones- Jill made my winded hair look so romantic! For our wedding day, I love how organized yet flexible Jill made our day. We got married at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and the way she photographed the property made it look like a true fairytale. Her passion, creativity, and professionalism really shined through even during the most stressful moments. Our wedding day pictures look like they came straight out of a story book! I couldn’t be happier with my photos. Jill was such a dream to work with!"