Fort Collins Engagement Kala + Logan

December 25, 2015

These Fort Collins Engagement Photos…I just knew while I was capturing them. I was so excited to look through them when I was finished! Oh man, I loved this shoot.

I had the pleasure of capturing January Jones’ —-errrrr Kala and Logan’s engagement photos. 🙂 And just look at their pups. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my clients are animal people and so am I! Haha we really get each other in that way. Kala and Logan killed it on this shoot. We started at the Collindale Golf Course and then went downtown to take photos with all the beautiful lights. <3

Here is their story:

Kala and Logan met up for coffee after finding each other online a few days after Valentine’s day in 2013. Kala says that Logan was very direct with her and that was refreshing. Fast forward to November 9, 2014 when Logan took Kala on hike to Horsetooth. When Kala was ready to head back down Logan started stalling. Haha so cute! He knelt down pretending to tie his shoe and then pulled out the ring. He had the biggest grin on his face.


fort collins engagement photosfort collins engagement photos_0001
fort collins engagement photos_0003fort collins engagement photos_0004

I was so drawn to this tree. Yes, it’s dead but look how beautiful!

fort collins engagement photos_0005fort collins engagement photosfort collins engagement photos_0007fort collins engagement photos_0008fort collins engagement photos_0009fort collins engagement photos_0010fort collins engagement photosfort collins engagement photos_0012fort collins engagement photos_0013

Serisouly, these two have many years of laughing and smiles ahead of them. 🙂

fort collins engagement photos_0014fort collins engagement photos_0015fort collins engagement photos_0016fort collins engagement photos_0017fort collins engagement photos_0018

The most regal photo:

fort collins engagement photosfort collins engagement photos_0020fort collins engagement photos_0021

And full circle to where it all started: over coffee. 🙂

fort collins engagement photos_0022fort collins engagement photos_0023


Your post captures the issue petyecrlf!

And those dog bows! Great!

I love these pictures! Logan and Kala look handsome and beautiful, and you’ve captured the playfulness of them. The settings are amazing in that you were able to use the big trees, giving Kala and Logan a sense of naturally being part of something big, and the downtown lights and the coffee shop are so romantic. All the pictures are!

Thanks so much Betty! These two were so easy to photograph. And I agree, the lights are very romantic. 🙂

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