Lake Granby Wedding Photography – Trystin + Jason

July 20, 2016

Trystin and Jason’s wedding was so unique! Lake Granby wedding photography wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous mountain backdrop and a beautiful rustic barn setting.

From the standing ceremony and the oyster toast to the wooden swings and rings made by Jason himself, this wedding at the Double A Barn had everything. Keep reading to find out more. Enjoy!

lake granby wedding photographylake granby wedding photography_0002

Trystin’s mom collected rocks to hold down everything. And luckily the rain wasn’t bad at all.

lake granby wedding photography_0003lake granby wedding photography_0004

Follow the yellow brick road…

lake granby wedding photography_0005lake granby wedding photography_0006lake granby wedding photography_0007lake granby wedding photography_0008lake granby wedding photography_0009lake granby wedding photography_0011lake granby wedding photography_0012

I love this shot of mom and dad watching.

lake granby wedding photography_0013lake granby wedding photography_0015lake granby wedding photography_0016

And…it’s wedding time!

lake granby wedding photography_0017lake granby wedding photography_0018lake granby wedding photography_0019

A standing ceremony! Of all the weddings I’ve done this is a first for me. I loved the idea of just gathering around these two.

lake granby wedding photographylake granby wedding photography_0021

This was my favorite part. The officiant, with a voice as soothing as Morgan Freeman’s, read Jason and Trystin’s vows so that they were free to just react and listen to what they had written each other. It was such a cute idea and had EVERYONE laughing and crying.

lake granby wedding photographylake granby wedding photography_0023

I think this is the part where he explains how they met. Which was: Jason was Trystin’s teacher. 🙂 LOL

lake granby wedding photography_0024lake granby wedding photography_0025lake granby wedding photography_0026

He pronounced them husband and wife and she jumped him! <3

lake granby wedding photographylake granby wedding photography_0028lake granby wedding photography_0029lake granby wedding photography_0030

Jason made the swings. Beautiful touch to the barn.

lake granby wedding photography_0031lake granby wedding photography_0032

And the oyster toast! What a cute idea.

lake granby wedding photography_0033lake granby wedding photography_0034

lake granby wedding photography_0036lake granby wedding photography_0037lake granby wedding photography_0038lake granby wedding photography_0039

Jason also made the design for their rings.

lake granby wedding photography_0040lake granby wedding photography_0041

Just stunning.

lake granby wedding photography_0043lake granby wedding photography_0044

And of course–golden hour!

lake granby wedding photography_0045lake granby wedding photography_0046lake granby wedding photography_0047lake granby wedding photography_0048


Beautiful wedding! Love the rocks detail. Such a great idea! Love love love the portrait of the bride. The shadows are beautiful on her! Great job!

Amanda Tipton

I love your editing style and her head piece- beautiful work!

you have suuuuuch an incredible eye for detail and capturing emotion! love your work Jill!!

What a cool venue, and gosh every detail looks just perfect! You captured the day like I was there. Stunning work!

These are so magical! I love the tones and the storytelling and all of the emotion.

Wow!!! What an increfible story! Beautiful work!!!

Willy Wilson

Just beautiful. I love your photos of the ceremony and the captured emotion. Well done!

Wow. You can just feel the joy radiating from this couple. I adore the photo of them hugging at the altar. Such a great candid moment. Amazing job!

Her wedding dress is just gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding!

Jill!!!! This wedding is incredible. I love how much joy you captured. But not only that, you truly show Trystin and Jason’s personalties in every image. This is such a special wedding. Bravo!

Beautiful! I love your editing and color tones.

Oh my, I absolutely love these! What a gorgeous wedding in a beautiful location. That barn is amazing. Well done!

Alesia Sova

You certainly captured the moments. These are lovely.

Especially like the ‘rings on the swing’ and the girl in his arms.

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