Meadows at Marshdale Wedding – Jenna + Devin

July 6, 2016

Jenna and Devin are the sweetest! This Meadows at Marshdale Wedding was so amazing. It was the most beautiful, warm spring day. Meadows at Marshdale is in Evergreen, CO and has the perfect space for a grand ceremony and open-air reception. As the sun set over the meadow during Jenna and Devin’s first dance, you really couldn’t ask for a better spot or bettering timing.

If you don’t have bangs now you might run out and get them after seeing Jenna’s bangs that stayed perfect throughout the whole day. 🙂 Her dress was absolutely perfect and allowed for some amazing dance moves later in the night. The wedding party did an excellent job of keeping the couple laughing and making sure everyone kept dancing and having fun. You can tell everyone was truly happy for these two.

Jenna and Devin met as grad students in Arizona. They rescued two adorable boxers together and have the cutest little family. Check out there engagement photos here.

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Nothing creates a genuine laugh like a fly being down…

meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0009meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0010

Some tired babes here.

meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0011

When he said, “You may kiss the bride,” their dog cocked his head and watched.

meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0012meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0013meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0014meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0015meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0016meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0017meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0018meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0019meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0020meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0021meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0022meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0024meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0025meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0026meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0027meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0028meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0029

Are these the most amazing floral arrangements or what?

meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0030meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0036meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0037

Cutest. Gramma. Ever. 🙂

meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0038meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0039meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0040meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0041

Don’t miss what’s happening in the photo below…LOL

meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0042meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0043meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0044meadows at marshdale wedding photography_0045meadows at marshdale wedding


Thkining like that shows an expert’s touch

Love your editing style on these. My favorite image is the top right image of him kissing her under their gorgeous archway. So pretty!

Sunshine Lump

Love this wedding! Great work!

These kick so much ass lady. Love every bit of this wedding and your style!

Jill, these are amazing. I love all the special details for their day. And their portraits are on point.

You can tell that every detail was paid special attention! Love that the dogs were included in this beautiful wedding and OMG that bouquet!!

Um…..KILLING IT! These images are fantastic. I struggle with dance floor/reception images and you blew those away. And the prisiming! Wow! Love the images, the editing and the vibes. Amazing.

Love your tones and reception prisming!!

Melissa Johnson

Stunnnnnnning!!!! Very romantic, I love it!

what a beautiful day! I love that they included their pets in their wedding. your reception shots are so creative and fun!

What a gorgeous wedding. Simple and elegant and so many moments of connection. Great job!

I love the soft colors of these images, it’s very romantic. The detail shots are great, love the shoes and rings! Also, great job with the reception lighting!

These are beautiful! I love the lighting and overall just clean yet emotional look in the photos.

Beautiful portraits! I especially love the bridal party photos and the dogs!

I love that this couple had their boxer at the wedding and in photos. We had our bulldog in our wedding photos.

What gorgeous flowers! The tones, emotion, beautiful portraits…awesome work!

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