Orlando Museum of Art Wedding – Ashlee + Logan

May 4, 2018

This Orlando Museum of Art wedding of my beautiful friends Ashlee and Logan was stunning. Orlando Museum of Art has one of the most gorgeous reception areas I’ve ever seen. Ashlee and Logan timed their first dance up perfectly as you’ll see. Their dance was as the sun was going down. A perfect amount of light is streaming through the windows.

They had their ceremony at The Mennello Museum of American Art under a giant tree by the lake. Their first look was inside one of the art galleries at OMART. And what would a Florida wedding be without a spectacular sunset? I think this Orlando Museum of Art wedding was perfect.

There’s quite a lot of gifs in this one so it might need a little time to load. (Tons of dancing!) This was one of my favorite receptions of the year because of all the fun people.

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One great tip for you is to leave all the things you want your photographer to photograph in a pile in the room where you’ll be getting ready like Ashlee did for me. That way they don’t have to come bug you to find things. You can just relax and they will capture it all. 

Oh, hey girl!

This gallery actually allowed photographs to be taken in there. (Most do not.) It was the perfect spot for an first look. First looks are challenging to do in public places because sometimes people like to get in the shot or just stop and stare. But we were lucky and they got to be alone and have a moment together. 

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These were some of my favorite family photos ever. The trees blocked the harsh sun and made some very pretty light.

How about those details!!??

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This might be my favorite gif. So sweet.

I hope these people see their gif. It’s awesome.

Yaaaas get it!


Jill, you did amazing.  You are talented beyond words!

I love your film-look. The way you styled the details is perfect! And you’re right – the Orlando Museum of Art reception space is to die for! 

thank you so much!

What an amazing wedding. You captured everything so beautifully! The timing of the first dance couldn’t be more perfect – and I gotta say, it definitely looks as fun as you described. Love the gifs too 🙂 

Taylor Fisher

Oh my gosh, Jill, what a stunning wedding at the Orlando Museum of Art! I’ve never seen a museum wedding I loved more. Beautiful light and you captured so many awesome candid moments! 

Wow the Orlando Museum of Art is a fabulous wedding venue. That light in the gallery and outside is just gorgeous. And how many venues have both beautiful natural settings and bright modern gallery settings in one location? Beautiful photos. And love your gifs 

I agree! 🙂

This wedding!!! So sweet! I love the GIF style captures you do. that is super cool!!! Amazing job. 

Thank you Kristin. 🙂

Gorgeous wedding photography! such beautiful tones. What a great idea to have wedding photography at the Orlando Museum of Art

Thank you so much! 🙂

The lighting in this wedding shoot is absolutely beautiful! And the gifs are so cute! 

Jill I love this so much!! The gifs are freaking incredible – you did such a beautiful job sweet lady ❤️ I love working with you!!

Thanks Redden! It really comes to life I think! I loved having you there. Thanks again. 🙂

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