Pagosa Springs Lovebirds

January 5, 2016

These Pagosa Springs Engagement Photos were beautiful! Pagosa Springs is close to Durango and the drive through the mountains is just awe inspiring. There is tons of live music at all the restaurants and coffee shops. My boyfriend was happy to come along (even with my horrible driving) and as he put it, “Pagosa Springs is the friendliest city in America.” The hot springs are probably the biggest draw to this city. And I’m such a sucker for a good hot spring. Especially while it’s snowing! Also, everybody in Pagosa Springs had a pet Yak. Weird.

I’ll be honest. It’s very intimidating photographing a fellow photographer. 🙂 Laetitia is a beautiful photographer in South Florida. Check out her website here. She is from France and is just as cute as a button!

Laetitia met Ryan in high school sixteen years ago. She says, “We fell in love hard. The way you do when you’re 18.” She still has all the letters he wrote her during class. After college they rekindled their romance and eloped. And seven years later, they are still very much in love.

Laetitia and Ryan are a gold mine for photographs. They can’t take a bad photo. And Laetitia’s playfulness shines through in the most endearing way. These two were up for anything—treading through thigh-high snow on a very grey, 16 degree afternoon. I’m so glad to have met these two. Enjoy!


pagosa springs_0006pagosa springs, coThe Springs! It smells like eggs but it was very relaxing going from 16 degrees to a 116 degree spring.
pagosa springs_0002Can you spot the mountain goat? Is that a mountain goat? I’m really not sure.

pagosa springs_0005pagosa springs_0003
pagosa springs_0007

That pop of color is everything.

pagosa springs_0008pagosa springs engagement photospagosa springs_0010pagosa springs_0011

We actually walked though this deep snow. Next time I’ll bring toe warmers.

pagosa springs_0012

pagosa springs_0013

My favorite part!

pagosa springs engagement photos

pagosa springs_0015pagosa springs_0016pagosa springs, copagosa springs_0018pagosa springs_0019pagosa springs engagement photospagosa springs_0021pagosa springs_0022pagosa springs_0023pagosa springs_0024pagosa springs_0025pagosa springs_0026

That ring, though!

pagosa springs_0027

This photo reminds me of Frozen. And that’s what we were.

pagosa springs_0028pagosa springs_0029pagosa springs_0030pagosa springs_0031pagosa springs_0032pagosa springs_0033


Love love love! Thank you Jill! 😀

Leigh DeFalco


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