Paris + Matt Sapphire Point Engagement Photos

February 26, 2016

These Sapphire Point photos in Dillion, CO turned out so stunning despite the fact that the wind was crazy that day!

People often ask me if my blog posts are real couples or if I hired models. They’re real. Hahaa. You really can’t fake those smiles.

Paris and Matt met a few years ago when a friend invited both of them to hang out on a trip to SteamBoat Springs for new years. Matt originally wasn’t going to go but after seeing a picture of Paris decided that would be a great way to ring in the new year. After a new years kiss, they were hooked. Paris changed her flight so she could hang out with Matt for another three days and eventually moved to Denver despite that fact that she hated the cold.

The proposal happened in Napa Valley. Paris was clueless until her mother popped out of nowhere. A friend took food out of her hands in order to direct the focus behind her—Matt kneeling with a beautiful ring!

These two are so cute together! And check out their little dog, Molly. We did their engagement photos at Sapphire Point in Dillion, CO. These two did such a good job faking that they weren’t cold. I really enjoyed photographing them and capturing their love for each other. Enjoy!



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