Pikes Peak Wedding – Missy + Tony

July 26, 2016

What can I say? This Pikes Peak Wedding at the Tihsreed Lodge in Florissant, CO had more laughter than I think I’ve ever been in the middle of. Missy and Tony are clearly meant for each other!

There was an impromptu “first look” with mom. (See the GIF below.) She tried SO hard to keep it together and it is insanely adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to hang the dress on a more epic chandelier. And Missy was absolutely stunning. Beer in hand, perfect hair and makeup, she just glowed. And of course, Tony couldn’t wipe the smile off his face if he tried.

The backdrop for their ceremony was Pikes Peak! You can see it peaking through the rain cloud in the distance. And whatever you do—keep scrolling until you find the most epic bouquet toss ever! Enjoy.


Pikes Peak WeddingPikes Peak Wedding_0002

Pikes Peak Wedding

output_8G423sPikes Peak Wedding_0005Pikes Peak Wedding_0006

Pikes Peak WeddingPikes Peak Wedding_0008

Yaaaas, ladies!

Pikes Peak Wedding_0009Pikes Peak Wedding_0010

Why I always wished I had a brother..for photos like this! Haha

output_tp5B45Pikes Peak Wedding_0013Pikes Peak Wedding_0014Pikes Peak Wedding_0015Pikes Peak Wedding_0016Pikes Peak Wedding_0017Pikes Peak Wedding_0018Pikes Peak Wedding_0019Pikes Peak Wedding_0020Pikes Peak Wedding_0021Pikes Peak Wedding_0022

And who better to catch it than your best girl?!

Pikes Peak Wedding_0024Pikes Peak Wedding_0025Pikes Peak Wedding_0026Pikes Peak Wedding_0027Pikes Peak Wedding_0028Pikes Peak Wedding_0029

Pikes Peak Wedding_0030


Amazing! One of the kindest most laid back brides I have ever had the pleasure of working with and you looked amazing!

Amanda Tipton

Such a sweet wedding! This couple looks like so much fun. Great job capturing real moments!

Awesome work, Jill! Beautiful tones, and you did a great job telling the story of their day. It looks like it was so much fun! I love love love the GIFs!

Jill!!! I bet they’re freaking out at how amazing these are! You’re the REAL DEAL!!

Love the way you captured this day, and the tones and colors are beautiful!

Beautiful! What an incredible story!

I love your tones! You always have such a fun and creative way of blogging your weddings! Gorgeous work!

Per usual, your tones here are amazing! So consistent and rich!

Absolutely stunning images, I loooove that you incorporate gifs. It looks like that had a blast!

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