Saira & Jeremy

April 17, 2015

Saira and I were once roommates when at school in St. Augustine. She was always making tea and pasta and reading excerpts from her books. I had never met anyone like her. (I had never met anyone that drank tea!) When she asked me to photograph her wedding I was ecstatic. What a beautiful subject! Her and Jeremy are the sweetest and they just exude so much love for each other. It was really something to watch.

The wedding took place at South Seas Island Resort in Captiva Island, FL. It was a nice escape from the snow in Denver in March. There were dolphins and manatees everywhere! Everyone at the wedding was so animated. I should have made a blog post just on Jeremy’s dad’s different facial expressions!

Below are the photos that made the cut. They remind me of how much I love me job. Pretty dresses, fun people, animals and details, details, details. (Also don’t miss the photo near the bottom of the tightest groomsmen pants ever!) Thanks so much to Sara Rivas for second shooting with me! Couldn’t have asked for a better creative partner. Enjoy!




Jill…..I met you at the wedding..I am Jeremy’s Aunt…these pictures are AMAZING. Is there any way I can order some of them?


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