Vail Wedding Photography – Christina + Josh

August 15, 2016

Get ready for a really beautiful wedding! As you could expect, Vail Wedding Photography is beyond gorgeous. The aspens, the views, and of course, a very, very beautiful bride!

Josh and Christina were married at the Donovan Pavilion in Vail, CO. They had their first look at the top of Vail Mountain. It was spectacular! These two are so playful and fun. They created some amazing moments for me to capture.

Keep scrolling. Enjoy! 😉


Vail Wedding Photography_0001Vail Wedding Photography_0002Vail Wedding Photography_0003

THIS dress…I’m so in love with it!

Vail Wedding Photography_0004Vail Wedding Photography_0005Vail Wedding Photography_0006Vail Wedding Photography_0007

The girls rented an Airbnb with the most perfect “getting ready” room for this must have shot.

Vail Wedding Photography_0008Vail Wedding Photography_0009

Meanwhile in Vail at the bar…

Vail Wedding Photography_0010Vail Wedding Photography_0011Vail Wedding Photography_0012

Christina came over the hill and saw Josh standing there. Her reaction is so cute.

Vail Wedding PhotographyVail Wedding Photography_0014

This is what you have to do when you’re feeling great about what you’re wearing!


Vail Wedding Photography_0015Vail Wedding Photography_0016Vail Wedding PhotographyVail Wedding PhotographyVail Wedding Photography_0019Vail Wedding Photography_0020Vail Wedding Photography_0021Vail Wedding Photography_0022Vail Wedding Photography_0023

Awwwwww….dad trying to keep it together. So cute.

Vail Wedding Photography_0025Vail Wedding Photography_0026Vail Wedding Photography_0027Vail Wedding Photography_0028Vail Wedding Photography_0029


Vail Wedding Photography_0030Vail Wedding Photography_0031Vail Wedding Photography_0032Vail Wedding PhotographyVail Wedding Photography_0034Vail Wedding PhotographyVail Wedding Photography_0036Vail Wedding Photography_0037Vail Wedding Photography_0038Vail Wedding Photography_0039Vail Wedding Photography_0040Vail Wedding Photography_0041Vail Wedding Photography_0042Vail Wedding Photography_0043Vail Wedding Photography_0044Vail Wedding Photography


Oh my goodness these are so beautiful!! I love your work! What a great job capturing the emotion of this wedding.

Gorgeous work! I love the emotion on the dads face! You captured everything so beautifully.

Beautiful wedding. I love the detail images you have captured on their special day.

Nice job!!! Great images and I’m digging your editing style. Nailed it!

michele with one L

I am obsessed with these — not just the beauty but the emotion. These are absolutely perfect!

Seriously…stunning! I LOVE the shot of the bride with all of her girls on the bed! Such a lovely day and a super talented photographer to capture it!

What a stunning dress and couple! You captured the day beautifully. I especially love the little moments you put in black and white. And those GIFs!

I love all the great moments and details you captured! Great work!

Deziree Dufresne

What a glamourous looking wedding, I adore every photo here! I really love your soft style and how you capture each moment!

Beautiful! I love her twirling in her dress.

You are simply amazing! These images are absolutely stunning!

Melissa Johnson

What a beautiful day!! These images are gorgeous!

What a lovely wedding, Jill! You knocked it out of the park. Gorgeous images!

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