What to Wear For Your Engagement Photos

November 26, 2016

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress for years. But what the heck do you wear for your engagement photos? A dress? Jeans? How should you pose? Relax. Your photographer’s got this. This post will tell you exactly what to wear for your engagement photos.

1- Earth Tones

Blues, greens, greys… Any color that you could find while on a hike. Another great rule of thumb would be– absolutely nothing neon.

what to wear for your engagement photos


2 – Clothing & Shoes

Nothing too tight or too loose. If you look in the mirror and don’t like how it looks, it’s not going to magically look different in camera. Wear something that you feel great in. If you feel good, your confidence will show. And confidence is THE sexiest thing of all.

Shoes play a big part in completing the outfit. Again, wear something that you feel great in. A nice pair of boots could be all you need to feel fantastic about what you’re wearing.

Also–bring two outfits. (I suggest one casual and one dressy.)

what to wear for your engagement photos

3 – Get Inspired

Research someone who’s fashion inspires you. Check out some of my suggestions below of fashion bloggers that I love. They make fashion trends fun and captivating:

New Darlings

The Native Fox

Happily Grey


Tia Smiley



4- Show Off What Mamma Gave You

If that’s great legs, nice hair, eyes, lips…if you don’t know—ask your man or woman. They will know! 😉 And let’s bring out that feature.


4- Get Your Hair/Makeup/Nails Professionally Done

Let the professionals know that you’re getting this done for a photo shoot. They have different tricks they do for photo shoots to really make you pop on camera. It’s also great to use the same person who will do your wedding hair/makeup so that you know what to expect on the Big Day!

what to wear for your engagement photos

5 – Accessories

Whether that’s a hat, a nice watch, necklace or a flower crown, wear something that you wouldn’t get to wear everyday. Something that makes you feel pretty!


6 – Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

During the engagement shoot make sure all cell phones, keys, dip cans, cigarettes…etc. are OUT of your pockets. Look at each other and make sure there are no bra straps or tags showing. No bats in the cave or spinach in the teeth! 😉

what to wear for your engagement photos

7 – Keep An Eye On The Weather

The photo below was -6!! When it’s that cold, it’s much more important to just stay warm than anything. (No need to punish yourself by wearing a dress.) So bring hats, gloves, foot/hand warmers, hot cocoa or hot toddies. 🙂


7 – Be Yourself & Trust Your Photographer

If there’s something that you two love doing together (ex: fitness) than make sure you bring an outfit to really show that off.

No need to bring a binder full of posing ideas. Your photographer will know exactly how to make you look good. They do this for a living! 😉

Also–check out those abs!


8 – Clean Your Ring

Your photographer is going to get all up in that bling!


9 – No Matchy-Matchy

The 90’s have come and gone. Right now, color coordinating is the new matching. Too matchy looks a little strange. Unless it’s your dog. Then do match. Puppies for the win!



YES! LOVE all of these ideas! I especially recommend no neon and getting your hair and makeup professionally done. It’s a must!

Great advice and LOVE your pictures so much. It looks like you work with really awesome couples all the time :).

This is great info! I especially love the no neon tip for your style.

Great tips! I love the images you chose, too!

Stunning! Love the edits 🙂

What a great post for your clients, and some wonderful pictures to match your advice. 🙂

Such great thoughts! And so many beautiful images to show!!

Great post with beautiful examples!

Such a great guide! And you work with the cutest couples ever!

I love this great tips and a fun read!

This is fantastic! Really great advice here for everyone. And those photos are GORGEOUS!

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