Let's nerd out about photography!

Years ago the only way to learn photography was by spending thousands in college or through a program. Sometimes classes were taught by people who had been out of industry for years. I can remember having to take required courses that felt like such a waste of time. I wished there had been someone to just show me the ropes! Fast forward modern day.

Mentorships are one of the smartest, most cost effective ways to fast-track turning your passion into your career. Have you always wanted to learn photography? Is flash photography overwhelming to you? Have you ever just wanted to sit down with a pro and ask them about editing, posing, and how the heck to get hired? I've got you!

Mentoring sessions are $200 per hour via Zoom or FaceTime. We can go over any of the following topics:

Basic Camera Knowledge & Settings

Flash & Artificial Light

Shooting in Extreme Light

How to Get More Clients

Lightroom & Photoshop

Social Media Tips

POSING – Stuck when it comes to posing clients? Let’s do a hands on mentoring session with a real couple so I can show you exactly what my process is. My Posing Mentor Session is $1250.

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