Mercury Cafe Wedding – Ann + Cole

August 4, 2016

Ann and Cole’sĀ Mercury Cafe Wedding had everything a downtown Denver wedding should. The warm sunset bouncing off the sky scrappers, a perfect wall of vines. And plenty of Crossfit friends to pose with!

Ann and Cole met at Crossfit a few years ago. (That by the way, I’m just saying is THE PERFECT Colorado love story!)They share a love for adventure and the outdoors. Check out their gorgeous Steamboat Springs engagement session here.

I just adore these two! They are good humans. šŸ™‚ Keep scrolling to find out more. Enjoy!


Mercury Cafe Wedding_0033Mercury Cafe Wedding_0002Mercury Cafe Wedding_0003Mercury Cafe Wedding_0004Mercury Cafe Wedding_0005Mercury Cafe Wedding_0006

The day started here at The Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast, which is within walking distance of Mercury Cafe.

Mercury Cafe Wedding_0007Mercury Cafe Wedding_0008Mercury Cafe Wedding_0009Mercury Cafe Wedding_0010Mercury Cafe Wedding_0011Mercury Cafe Wedding_0012Mercury Cafe Wedding_0013Mercury Cafe Wedding_0014Mercury Cafe Wedding_0015Mercury Cafe Wedding_0016Mercury Cafe Wedding_0017Mercury Cafe Wedding_0018

And the first look, which we did right outside the B & B. Cole didn’t wait for Ann to come tap him on the shoulder. I love that! He cold practically hear her smiling so he just turned around to look at his beautiful bride. How adorable!

Mercury Cafe Wedding_0019

I’m was LOVING those green tones.

Mercury Cafe Wedding_0020

And of course, we found some dudes playing beer pong down the street and they asked Ann to hang with them. šŸ™‚

Mercury Cafe Wedding_0021Mercury Cafe Wedding_0022Mercury Cafe Wedding_0023

Let the wedding begin!

Mercury Cafe Wedding_0024Mercury Cafe Wedding_0025Mercury Cafe Wedding_0026

This shot was an absolute must since these people were there when Ann and Cole met. šŸ™‚

Mercury Cafe Wedding_0027Mercury Cafe Wedding_0028Mercury Cafe Wedding_0029Mercury Cafe Wedding_0030Mercury Cafe Wedding_0031

Mercury Cafe Wedding_0032


You seriously captured this venue so perfectly. And this is one challenging venue to capture. These freeking rock. Amazing!

loving everything about this! they look like such a fun couple! her florals are oonnnn point!

What awesome photos! Love all the little details. Looks like a beautiful day.

Love this wedding so much! You captured the feel perfectly!

Their reception looks magical! Your work is exquisite.

HOLY jill.. These are SO beautiful. The tones! These colors like made me fall out of my seat. I am in LOVE with your style! Beautiful, beautiful wedding. I am a little in love with you after these photos. AMAZING.

Wow, their reception site is so funky and cool!

Jill you are so talented! every single one of these is just gorgeous and tells the story of their day perfectly.

I really love the getting ready photos!

Wow! What a cool eclectic wedding! I love the dance photos!

Ah I love this!! My husband first told me he loved me outside of the Mercury Cafe. We should have done this! Gorgeous photos!

Beautiful tones! I love your attention to detail and candids are my favorite.

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