Bethany & Savannah

March 26, 2015

I grew up on an island on the east coast of Florida. There were armadillos and tree frogs and alligators traveling through our lush, green backyard all the time. Now that I live in Denver one thing I miss about Florida is the color green! I came to the homeland to shoot a wedding last week and I had a free day so naturally I decided to plan a shoot using a familiar childhood scene.

My models met me in Tampa. We did not have an expensive wardrobe. I have always believed that hair and makeup is what really makes for a great shoot. I’ve also been experimenting with light. I know a lot of photographers only shoot with natural light but sometime you need a little more! My good friend Sara Rivas was kind enough to assist me and also to make the bouquet and flower crown. (They turned out so good Sara!) Thank you everyone who contributed to the shoot!

Models: Bethany Vargas & Savannah Register

Make up: Carissa Mosley

Hair: DeMaley Williams

Wedding Dress & Veil: Goodwill

Flowers: Sara Rivas




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